Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Christian Prayerbook

Last month, I wrote a post about my explorations of the Christian prayer tradition. I've been exploring different liturgy books since then. Dad and I rooted through the books in the church basement and found a copy of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer and the old Lutheran hymnal. This includes hymns, liturgy, and readings. These books were very interesting, and made me curious to learn even more about the roots of Christian prayer.

Recently, I ordered a copy of the Liturgy of Hours. This is the Catholic book of prayer and it has its roots even farther back in history. One chapel in England has been kind enough to livestream their recitation of these prayers, so I've been able to tune in and listen to the prayers and praises that the sisters offer to God in the morning and evening. It's been a blessing to listen :) Ah, how I wish I might join my sisters in the Lord for prayer one day <3

I also found a quiet place to pray, at a chapel and garden near my office. I often go in the morning to pray now before I start my workday. It's a blessing to be able to go to these places for prayer to the Lord. The Lord has showed me a lot of grace this past month, and I'm very thankful. <3

Tags: church, history, praise, prayer, prayerbook, tradition of faith

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