Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Guided by the Lord

Last night, I stood out under the stars. I had felt a burden on my heart... I held the question for a while, but then felt the need to ask my teacher about it. So I poured out my questions and heart in an email.

"But it all makes me wonder... Lord, what have you been doing through all of these things? Why have You placed these particular interests on my heart? What is Your calling for me in all of this?"

As I reflected on it, I thought, I should have taken these questions to God, since they are for Him. So, as I stood out under the blue sky, as the stars began to peek out their light, I asked the Lord: "Lord, what have You been doing through all of this?"

"I've been preparing you, my Daughter." That's the word I sensed.

Preparing me...for what? Am I allowed to ask? I'm scared to look.

Lord, be my God and my Guide.

Thank You for this time of prayer and meditation, Lord.
Tags: a word from god, guidance, prayer

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