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Getting back to basics....

The Element of Air makes me think of: clouds, space, freedom, brightness, crystal, wind
The Element of Water makes me think of: movement, relaxation, currents, greenish-blue depths
The Element of Fire makes me think of: flickers, heat, attack, thought, consuming
The Element of Earth makes me think of: stability, base, original, clay, unchanged

My views on beauty are changing...
...When I look at gold-encrusted alters and crowns from Gothic Europe I just cringe and dream of simple bamboo ladels dipping out the clear mountain water.

This study on Japanese aesthetics is really changing me!!

But in a way, it is not a change at all.

I am the same way with gemstones: give me agates, hematite, and coral but keep the sapphires and diamonds because I do not like them much at all really... And then there is the fact that I refuse to sail on cruise ships but daydream of sailing an old wooden ship :D

Even a simple gift of a donut or new book will make my heart fly ^_^

I guess I am easy to please :p
Tags: art, aspergers, childlike, content, creation, elements, joy, salamander, stones

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