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Random, yes

I am posting about video games tonight....

Near the end of the game Metal Gear Solid 2, the colonel on the radio starts sending random messages to you. It is rather amusing if not annoying cause the codec beeper keeps buzzing: you have a message!!

In essence, the messages are scrambled from old memories, facts, and knowledge that the main character has, and the messages are simply playbacks of these thoughts in a messed up order...

For example, you get these messages:

I hear it's amazing when the purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a rablink on harakiri rock!


Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, Myoukenguchi.

As it turns out, the last is a list of all the stations on the Myoken Line of the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan!! I was pretty excited to learn what the heck the random words actually meant! :D Yay!

Wow, now I wanna play MGS... MGS3 is coming out soon too! Ohhh Solid Snake in camo - and if you wear the wrong camo, the guards shoot at you! lol!

I love how the MGS games make you think analytically ^_~ Should I use the leaf camo or the tree camo? hmmmm... Should I run past the guard, sneak past the guard, hold him up with my USP-tranq gun, or choke him many choices!

I miss video games right now! lol!!
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