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What a long day it has been so far

Well, I should be studying, but I am rather worn out by everything...

I told myself I shall move on and spend time later tonight studying for finals. I am pretty weary, though. After all this time, exhasution finally kicks in and I am soo tired.

But I'm not gonna give up totally. I'm gonna use what I learned today as experience in my mental scrapbook and take the results with the awareness that sometimes stupid things go wrong...

I wonder if there is a gemstone which specializes in the symbol for change, wisdom, and forgiveness? ^^ On ebay they were selling prayer beads of Moss agate, Bloodstone, and Rose Qwartz....I want it^^ lol It is so pretty :D

I wanna go look up gemstones now ^___^

Also, I made a new icon on a happier note to counterbalance the melencholy Hollom icons ^_^ Hope everyone likes it^^

Hope everyone can get through the end of school ok!! Good luck to you all!
Tags: courage, saturn, schoolwork, stones

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