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Not quite as belated..still late

Ah Gettysburg Soundtrack.
Yes, some of us have returned to college down in old Ge''ysburg, but not me!!!
Today I celebrate my birthday - yeah, it is not really the day, but we are planning ahead as I may not get home for the actual day, Jan. 28. I am getting ready to go food shopping - cups of noodles and breakfast goodies. Then Chinese for lunch!!

I played a lot more Halo co-op with Matt. Two whole missions in one afternoon - I did bad but it was a ton of fun!! We tried RF2, but it glitched and looked all beta-version-like....ewwy...not again x.x I tried out my paint set (sumi-e paints from Japan). My ink was lousey: too much water. I got through the most difficult chapter in the Silmarillion so far - of Beleriand, or in other words, a discussion of the lands and who lives where and where...I went through all my Elvish notes and am working on that again:
Alqua na ninque. Ciryar nar ninqui ar cirar.
Tags: art, books, conlangs, elvish, food, games, language, music

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