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One final done..kinda

*exhausted* x.x

I think I am gonna lay down on my bed and collapse, but I had to write first and say! yay! my first final is done ^_^ I dunno that it was good but it is done...O.o I am actually kinda worried about all my classes this semester...I have been kinda worn down and lazy too so my grades aren't as perky as they used to be :\

I will do my take home final sometime later today but for now...yeah I am gonna take a nap ^_^

Addition (3:11 pm):
I took a nap, all right. A two hour long one from which I couldn't wake up. Then I dropped off all my books at the library. Then I ate my usual at servo. Following all this I met with Khansensei. He said that mebbes if I talked to Hogan sensei I could do Yoshida Shoin for my Senior Seminar XD Sugoku Ureshii!! Then I told him that I wanted to gte a library degree and do Japanese books ^__^ He thought that was great and suggested I learn either Chinese or Korean to go along with my Japanese. With that, he told me, I could get the job for sure! XD Waaaaii sugoku ureshii again! ^__^ I am all excited and now I wanna learn Korean, but I have to cram and do my takehome exam^^

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