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Many little things

I was cut off from before. It is now after lunch - about 1 pm. All is peaceful. I am not on AIM. Life is nice. I am being very lazy.

Back to Elvish. I can do nouns, verbs in present and future, pronouns, accusative, genative, and some other little things. (I Elda Laurea linda nu i aldar ar I Elda Telpe cira nu i eleni. Yarg, I can't remember any words....that is always my problem.) I need to work harder on it though, and college, unlike my hopes, is no place to learn something new between classes. I am too busy spazzing about my work for class to undertake any sort of outside thing: fun or otherwise. I think, though, without the hated chemistry labs, I will be set to work hard on Elvish. ^~

Ohoh! And when I settle back in Paul Hall, I have a massive Japanese flag that needs a home!!!! It is so cool. I can't wait to hang it up - teehee! I wonder what all those polisci majors will say? The manga wasn't enough, so now I have the arsenal!!! LOTR and a Jap flag!! YEA! I really don't care if it upsets them - I think for fun I should be more politically incorrect sometimes - "Just ta show 'em!" I have sat under cover of headphones for a longlong time in college. Any thing like college where people say you will change or be greatly effected is not neccessarily true. You must choose to change. It is an oppourtunity, but you can still shy away from the brunt of it. Like me, I guess. ^^

I am so impatient for my Frodo plushie. It has been about a week since they started. Only three more weeks to go - I am a quarter of the way there - huzzah, as Matt would put it. I need to figure out the Elvish script. It is so getting on my nerves, and I want to learn it!!!!! I want to write and read the stuff. Sylvia!!!!! I need to memorize, but time..time is so Precious!

Another irrelevant note: last night Dad read us an article from a science magazine someone gave him at the Marriage Meeting last night. It was about what Jesus probably REALLY looked like. They said he was probably 5'1" of a strong build (snce he was a carpenter) with darker colored hair and eyes like the people of that region. And based on Paul's talk about the shame of long hair, his hair was probably short and most likely he had a beard. It was all based on the Bible, historical and scientific data, and a little common sense. My Dad had already made those points before, but now we know that it is really a hypothesis others have looked into. Cool.

I am running out of things to discuss. So let us follow the rule of the knife[paraphrased from Dune]: Something should be cut off where it is no longer of use and only drains the rest of the thing/plant/Flood^^ - so I shall end as long as I am going good.
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