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Back on a summer night

I haven't updated in a while! O.o

Today started off with a slightly depressing start: dentist appointment time. O.o I admit that I don't brush or floss as much as I should but, blast, they were hard on my teeth today! My gums bled and ached for a long time afterwards - oww.

Luckily, by dinnertime I was better cause we went to China King Buffet to eat^_^ It was a bit disappointing though. Not in the food but in the atmosphere. I am used to eating there at lunch - it's quiet and all the food is sitting out hot and fresh. Tonight, many of my favorite foods were out and there were a ton of loud and obnoxious people there. Babies cried and former classmates ignored me and other people rattled on and on rather noisily and it was a bit upsetting :\

But, we came home and watched Kung Pow - which amused me greatly. Then I put on The Poseidon Adventure, which I have been meaning to watch for a while now ^___^ Wow, I love that movie XDXD It ranks up there with Indiana Jones and Jaws :D I forgot how much I adore Acres :3 He is the best ^___^ I made some icons of him but none turned out good enough to post...wish I had the DVD and could get caps of him XD then I'd have nothing but oseidon Adventure icons! woohoo!! (not really^^) lol

Tomorrow is yard sale day here, so anyone in PA is welcome to stop by^^ lol!

I start work next week and I am rather sad to see it come cause I am enjoying my time off a lot!

In the days, I am out with my family doing stuff and the nights I spend on IM and all. With whom am I talking you might ask? Well, I met this Canadian a while back and we are getting pretty close^^ Too bad Canada is so far away O.o

Other than that, life is pretty normal. I haven't been online much and thus haven't made many wallpapers or paintshop art^.^

So, that being the case, I guess I shall close up shop for today and see you all later!!

PS-If you are ever bored and in the mood for an old disaster movie watch The Poseidon Adventure and *wave hi* to Acres for me ^__^ lol! It's fun stuff^^

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