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Summer breeze makes me feel fine

Well, there's nothing like running through the yard in summer with a blue sky above and clover underfoot :)

I really love the evenings I can spend at gram n pap's, watching the sun set off to the west and having dusk fall while we talk, eat, and I pet the cat ^_^ There's nothing quite like it :)

I can't wait till we go back again tomorrow evening! ^_^

I am just so much more aware of the art in nature: the light as it glows through the trees while we drive through the woods, the branches full of fresh leaves, the haze of a hot day's dusk, a vast open expanse of sky overhead reaching to infinity, the mountains all fuzzy and pale in the distance, stone and air and wind and warmth of sun and cool of shade....

^_^ Life is good. God is good. ^_^

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