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Day Before Memorial Day

Tomorrow we shall be spending the day at Gram n Pap's eating way too many hot dogs and watching bad game shows ^__^ I am so excited :D

It's been a bit chilly recently - I've needed long sleeves. Which is kinda dd since before it was so steaming hot.

Let's see, in the past 2 days I've seen 3 "sword" movies:
Troy, Timeline, and The Last Samurai.
I liked all 3 quite greatly ^___^ They all had cool people ^^ I must admit that Hector was my favorite in Troy, and in Timeline I liked Merack but I really kinda had this sympathy for Francois! Poor Francois!! And in the Last Samurai, well, I guess my favorite character was Emperor Meiji ^.^ I dunno, I really like those Japanese guys :3 I was sad not to see a lot of cute young samurai with topknots and hakama^.^ Most of the samurai were middle aged :\ But waaai for Japan!!! :)

Right now Patton is on but I am not really watching it...too tired...but I wanna read manga...zzzz...

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