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Odd but normal

Isn't it strange how when I am bored and sitting around online I have lots to say, but when I am well-fed, working hard, and deprived of the net for long periods of time I can't think of *anything* to post O.o?

Well, it's been museum type work and other random stuff, including Nichole's random visit which was ok until she locked herself out of her car and made me and my brother late to my poor grandparents who had made dinner earlier for us >.<** I was, well, very ticked off. Other things in life include my new manga XXXHolic!!! I love it XD It is Suki's opposite but I love it anyway ^_______^

I <3 manga I <3 CLAMP I <3 XXXHolic & Suki

What else? It was cold out earlier but now I am rather warm O.o; I am sleepy though I have gotten my normal sleep amount for 2 weeks now.

I still love plushies too :3

So, off I go to wander my computer and uh waste time :D woohoo!!
Tags: anger, aspergers, journaling, manga, stuffed animals

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