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Farmer's Market

I never really thought much about farming or crops, seeing as how I grew up around farmland and it seemed rather normal.

But I was at the farmer's market in Lewisburg today and the new berries and melons smelled soooo good! All the people had their best and brightest harvests out, and flowers too. It's been a tough spring with the rain and darkness, but those strawberries smelled fantastic! :3 It was crowded though. I had to push my way through. But it was worth it to see what was set out: a vast array of colors, shapes, textures.

Ripe red watermelon cores inside hard green shells.
Fuzzy round peaches without blemish.
Dark blueberries, small and rich.
Meats, onions, geraniums, donuts, random accessories...

and the variety of people there: from me and the museum director is our sunday best to the casual working farmers and even a few Amish too :) It was fun!


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