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Fun times in Newky

Me, mom, and gram sitting on the couch. Dad in the master chair. Matt on the glider chair. Pap and his bro in the extra chairs.

All talking about funny times they had on the road. Or in pap's case, the driving school for suspended drivers :3 lol!! I never would have thought he would gte caught for speeding at 80 mph down his road lol!! ^.^

"And they tell ya when you go in there(*sits forward in chair with serious face, points finger around the room*): 'You all know why you are here!! You're all no-good-lousey-drivers!!'" lol!!! Poor pap^^ Then he almost got caught again - I'd've been sweating too! O.o;;

Or the time dad didn't realize he was being followed by a cop. Till he ended up in some cul-du-sac and had to turn around and the cop car blocked his exit and the cop stuck out a hand and said: stop right there! lol!!!

Fun stuff ^.^

And Bill from church told this story, it's a good one which I paraphrase now:

I went up for my driver's liscene the day after I got my permit. Since we drove farm equiptment and cars before we were 16, I already could drive fine enough. I took the test and completed it without a bump. And the cop failed me. He told me: "You've only had your permit one day. Come back in a week." I went back a week later and he said:"Oh, no roadtest needed for this man-give him his liscence." lol! Love how ppl can get around the system like that ^____^

Well, I can only say that I hope my brother has a nice driving career ^_^ Now that he has his liscence since 4 pm today *cheers for Matt!*

I know I've had 2 bumps in my poor car already :\ lol At least I didn't slide into the ditch in the rain like mom and dad...blarg lol!

^_^ Isn't driving fun? ^^

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